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“Giuseppe Gluten Free” is a continental style lager which, in its name-sakes style, frees gluten intolerants everywhere from the despotic clutches of stomach cramps and the misery associated with normal barley and wheat based beers.

Giuseppe Garibaldi the great popular hero of Italian Unification was already a living legend when he arrived in South Shields on 21st March 1854. An active revolutionary he had much in common with Blaydon’s Joseph Cowen with whom he became great friends, staying with him at his home, Stella House.

Greeted enthusiastically by the people of Tyneside during his stay he was presented, on their behalf, by Cowen, with a golden sword; the inscription read ‘Presented to General Garibaldi by the People of Tyneside, Friends of European Freedom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, April 1854’

After his departure Garibaldi wrote to Cowen…”Should England at any time in a just case need my arm. I am ready to unsheathe in her defence the noble and splendid sword received at your hands”

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